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Using fired bricks for flooring and masonry is as old as the construction itself. This is proved by artifacts of brick walls and pavements of about 5000 years. Clinker is produced by special types of clay, which, after firing at a very high temperature (at about 1100 ° C) without adding chemicals, gives different color shades to the brick.

As a result of this type of processing we have very stiff products. Those bricks are cold resistant and are distinguished by their high resistance to detergents, bases, UV-radiation and most acids. This is why the clinker is considered to be a long-lasting and durable construction material of excellent quality. Examples of the longevity of the clinker and the traditions of clinker products of TRUD can be found today in the center of the town of Ruse where pavements laid over 80 years ago can be seen. The clinker, used for paving, is extremely suitable for individual layout of terraces, roads, stairs, curbs, as well as wall lining, individual garden barbecue design and many others.

Based on its high quality indicators, the clinker bricks also offer a wide range of application opportunities in the public areas, such as: public squares, pedestrian zones and cycling alleys, restraining walls, curbs, fountains and other elements of the urban environment.

With regards to the safety: the clinker paving is safe to pass over and offers its anti-slipping protection through its naturally rough surface. Due to its high compressive strength, the clinker is suitable for maximum loads.

Clinker properties:


-Durability of antifreeze salts


-Non- Fading color

-Good wear resistance

-Maximum slip resistance

-High compressive strength

-High flexural strength


Color deviations

The color deviations are unavoidable in clinker products. The color of the clinker is obtained by burning the minerals, contained in the clay; therefore the slight shades in the color are naturally determined.



To place clinker paving, certain directives, guidelines and regulations for road construction are applied. Paving and wall lining clinkers, produced by TRUD meet all standard requirements, such as:  BDS EN 1344 (for paving clinker), BDS EN 771-1 (for facade bricks), “Road Construction Directives and Regulations “ (RVS) are also valid and applied, to perform clinker paving.