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      The dry mixture for masonry of refractory bricks of TRUD JSC is among the products with the highest performance on the market. It is intended for outdoor and indoor application in the construction of refractory masonry with joint thickness up to 10 mm. The product stands out among its analogues with extremely high strength as well as very high resistance to thermal shock. The long open application time of the mixture provides easy processing and excellent bonding between refractories, even after delayed application, which gives advantage to people without experience in masonry, as well as the possibility of horizontal and vertical adjustments for long period.

      The operating temperature of the dry mixture is up to 1200 ° C.


      The jointing mixture of TRUD JSC is intended for filling the jointing gaps of the already built masonry. Produced by an identical recipe as the refractory bricks, the grout mixes well with it and the refractory products, giving the masonry a finished look. The fine components of the joint grout and the large open operational time make it extremely easy to handle and create preconditions for filling the joints very precisely. For joints up to 10 mm., it is recommended the mixture to be applied with a confectionery syringe using the appropriate nozzle for the respective joint.








      Chamotte mortar is intended for construction of high-temperature thermal aggregates with a thickness of the joint of the masonry - 2-3 mm. When performing masonry, the mortar has a low crude strength, and at startup of firing the unit the temperature should rise smoothly (regulated). When the optimum operating temperature is reached, the mortar gains maximum strength and excellent contact with the refractory. Due to the identical chemical composition of the mortar and the refractory, the linear extensions of the two materials are the same, which prevents cracking of the masonry or undesirable effects when operating the unit.

      Not recommended for outdoor application!